Riptide – Official band

Riptide is a pop/rock band from Eindhoven located in the Netherlands. They write their own numbers, from heavy rock to slow ballet on stage they are Energetic. They have proved this on their first gig in a full Dr Ink.

Studio session “Pre-production”

Stay tuned because they recorded there first number in the studio. At the moment their are only pictures so keep following for more updates. After the pre-production Riptide will start a Crouwdfunding so they can release their first full album on CD.

Coming gigs

Riptide plays on the festivals “Kookt”. The festival is on two different dates and locations in the Netherlands, one in Eindhoven and the other one is in Amsterdam. For more info, check the Events page Here -> Riptide Events

Information and contact

Website: RiptideOfficial
Contact: Contact page Riptide

Acoustic session for “Achteraf sessies”

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