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An Evening With Knives – Crowdfunding update

Oke finally I found some time to give you an update about the AEWK Crowdfunding.
Unfortunately i wasn’t able to be on the sold Out crowdfunfding show “Off the Record”

Don’t forget your earplugs!

AEWK – “Off the Record” was SOLD out

Damn, I wasn’t able to be a part of it, but what I can tell is how we all be informed where the secret location was.
On Saturday i was checking my mail while feeding the twins and received a new mail from An Evening With Knives with the location, when they will start. Why I wasn’t there, because I already drink to much on the BBQ (face palm) and I wasn’t allowed to drive. (Yeah I know, sorry guys)

Crowdfunding goal (yes or no)

The day before the show a local tattoo shop (desperado tattoo) and the tattoo artist Eight Stabs tattooed 10 knifes on a day. The price of each tattoo was given to AEWK crowdfunding.

AEWK Tattoo

AEWK Tattoo

The day after the show I received a mail from the band. Yeah we reached 104% of our goal. Thanks to all the people who believe in our music. And now we go to the studio!

If you want an impression of the show go to the following sites. Because they where there and I wasn’t.



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