An Evening With Knives 1

A three men strong band all with a different musical background. They bring a layered and energetic sound to the stage with unexpected turns. For some who want to categorize the sound of this band, think Stoner, post-metal and post-rock. Dark and heavy.


At the moment they are busy with a crouwdfunding to record their first full album. After gigging for a year they are ready and so are the fans. Please feel free to check out their website and help these guys make their dream come true. The crouwdfunding ends on 21 of May.
Update 25 April | 39%

Their live show “Off the record” on a secret location

Maybe you want to see them live and help them to get that kick ass full album. Don’t hesitate and buy a ticket for their show “Off the record” this show is on the 21 of May on a secret location somewhere in Eindhoven.

For more information surf to there webpage: aneveningwithknives


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